About Equestrienne Assisted Learning

WHAT IS EQUINE ASSISTED LEARNING?  EAL assists people in better identifying and processing life choices for themselves through the horse experience.

  • WHO IS IT FOR?  Everybody!  Equine Assisted Learning can benefit individuals, businesses, corporations, non-profit organizations, schools, clubs, men, women, youth children, families and couples.

  • HOW DOES IT HAPPEN?  Facilitators guide participants and individuals to engage in team-emphasized exercises where they find themselves learning valuable insights and skills, within a fun and exciting atmosphere, while working through the dynamics of horses.

  • WHY HORSES?  Horses are responsive beings, with an innate awareness and sensitivity to their surroundings.  They are naturally perceptive and provide immediate and honest feedback, providing insight on how to achieve our goals.

Horses accept people for who we are and how we present ourselves in the moment – they care not about position, status, title, ethnicity or differences.  They guide us in a non-threatening way and bring us into the present moment.

There are vast opportunities for metaphorical learning when interacting with horses in a structured environment.

A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE!  Horses, as co-facilitators of learning, provide a unique learning experience, unlike any other.  This goes beyond horsemanship and into the realm of human development through facilitation.

Our Certified Facilitator – Betty Ann Balcom

In 2004, Betty Ann attended the Natural Horsemanship Summit in Guelph, Ontario, where she discovered the potential and depth of the horse/human relationship. As she practiced these principles of natural horsemanship, she gained insight into how our physiological and emotional essence affects our relationship with the horse.

Betty Ann studied and practiced these principles between people and horses for several years. In 2012, 2013 and 2015, she participated in natural horsemanship clinics with Don Holiday and Devanee Cardinal at the Cardinal Ranch in Valmount, British Columbia.

In 2012, she attended the International Symposium on Healing with Horses/Equine Facilitation in Denver, Colorado – a cross-model workshop for equine facilitators who wish to partner with horse – to uplift the lives of humans around the globe.

As a result of this symposium she became a member of Equine Experiential Learning Association and in 2013 she traveled to Pennsylvania in the fall to complete her certification in Equine Assisted Learning.

In 2013, at the Emotional Fitness Clinic for Horses and Humans, with psychiatrist Dr. Jenny and Linda Parelli, she learned more about how past experience and thoughts affect our sense of wellness and value, and how relationships with humans and horses are limited by these patterns and mirrored in the horse and other humans.

She also attained certification in “Turning Crisis Situations into OK”, in Chester, NS, through the OK Corral organization, with Greg Kersten from Nebraska, and founder of E.A.G.A.L.A. She also took the module “Coming Home Again: Equine Assisted Applications for Veterans and their Families” from Greg in 2017.

In 2015, Betty Ann traveled to Southern California to participate in a Brandi Lion’s (John Lion’s Daughter) Horsemanship Clinic.

In the summer of 2016, she was in Pennsylvania taking a youth-centered internship with Gina Yarrish of Yarcorte Acres, in a program that focused on leadership, self-awareness and making good choices. Betty Ann continues to better understand how the horse responds to our energy and intentions. She has been an independent entrepreneur for the past 28 years, founding and building four businesses. She has learned much about people – assessing the needs of both workplace teams and clients. She is very familiar with the challenges faced by business owners and she is looking forward to bringing her resourcefulness, creativity and positive outlook to delivering equine-experiential benefits to the local community.

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