Our Services

It is instrumental to our journey to recognize how we interpret other behaviour, habits and values.

Learn to trust.

Learn to communicate,

with the help of our herd.


Fun & reflective adventures in natures environments

A hands-on, interactive and fun learning experience!

We offer custom-designed workshops to give you insights into your beliefs, your behaviours and your connection with others


Experience learning through Horses
Whether it be building relationships, working on teamwork and communication skills, learning to trust, facing fears, making good choices, or becoming a leader, our horses will provide you with an experience that you can draw from in your everyday life.
The workshops are geared to explore and experience adventure and fun with the horse and nature.
Workshop with kids and a horse agde 4 and up

“It is all about connection.

It is not about riding the horse”

Horse and learn to improve relationship

During the workshops:

  • Help to explore individuality

  • Support group dynamics

  • Strengthen organizations

  • Encourage large and small businesses

  • Nurture family and relationships